Why I LOVE My 2019 R1250GS | The BEST Adventure Motorcycle in the World!

Is the GS still the King of adventure motorcycles? If it’s not the KING, then it’s definitely sharing the throne with a few others. Now the market has really caught up to BMW and their hold isn’t as unique of an offering as before. In my opinion it’s still the best adventure motorcycle in the world!!

Ever since I saw Ewen McGregor go around the world on a R1200gs I knew I had to have one. Smart marketing on BMW’s side.

In my opinion the Tiger 1200 2022 model doesn’t get enough attention and they really have put out a killer bike now.

I still love the tele-lever in the GS that almost eliminates dive on the front forks. No other adv bike is offering this as of yet.

Stay tuned and let me know how you like the video!

Ride safe and see you on the pavement!

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Time Stamp:
00:00 - Intro
02:12 - TFT
03:50 - Is the GS to heavy?
05:20 - R1250GS as a commuter
05:58 - Two up riding on the GS
07:01 - Best way to quick shift
08:15 - Heated grips
11:05 - Issues with my R1250GS

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