The Most Important Dual Sport/ADV Motorcycle Safety Gear YOU Aren’t Using…

There is one piece of dual sport and adv motorcycle safety gear that transcends all other off road motorcycle safety equipment. Used properly, this item will prevent you from needing your first aid kit, medical supplies, tool kit, or other repair items.

The most important piece of dual sport/adv motorcycle safety gear, in my opinion, is a satellite communicator like the Garmin InReach Mini 2. With a Garmin InReach, you can call for help and communicate with your rescuers, whether you need a helicopter evac, search and rescue, or you just forgot to bring the marshmallows when you left home. 2 way communication is what makes these satellite communicators so effective and useful for off road motorcycle adventures beyond the reach of cell phone service.

It's important to wear all your off road motorcycle safety gear: helmet, jacket, good boots, etc... and to carry your survival, first aid, and motorcycle tools along as well, but the most important item is the one that can take the place of all of these pieces of adv safety gear when used properly. Communication and rescue are the most important priorities, and with an InReach Mini or other satellite communicator, you can get help as quickly as possible.

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