GEICO Motorcycle Safety Video

The sun is shining, the road is dry you just want to get out there - who wants to talk about safety?

Richie Morris Race Team members Michael Barnes and Danny Eslick share their tips for preparing your bike and your body before a ride. In the video you will hear other riders tell their crash stories and learn how to avoid having a crash story of your own.

With helmets ready and engines revving, motorcyclists are ready for the warm May weather and opportunities to ride their bikes again. To call attention to May being the nations Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, GEICO is promoting a safety video featuring its pro riders Danny Eslick and Michael Barnes with reminders on how to stay a little more safe on the road. Some highlights of the video on GEICO's Powersports site include:

Prepare your bike, your body and your brain. Check the tire pressure, clutch and brake levers before starting your ride. Be sure fluid levels are full and test the lights and horn if youre riding on the street.

Dress for the crash, not the ride. Make sure you are prepared for anything by wearing gloves, eye protection and a helmet.

Dont turn the key until youve turned off the noise. Driving distracted in any vehicle is dangerous, but when youre up against multi-ton cars be focused and alert when riding your bike.

Not every crash can be avoided, but theres a lot you can do to avoid a crash. Practice emergency breaking and focus on your balance the smoother you ride the better. Remember to get practice riding with passengers as the riding experience is much different than riding alone.

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