DON’T Buy A Motorcycle Battery Before You Watch This

Today we'll cover the seven things that determine the lifespan of your motorcycle battery, and how to maximize it. Four of these battery lifespan influences are completely in your control, and it's important to be aware of the other three factors before buying a new battery.

We'll look at why the initial setup and charge of a new battery is crucial for its performance and longevity. We'll also cover how your motorcycle riding habits can impact your battery's lifespan, and the importance of good maintenance and storage.

We'll look at the impact of battery capacity, type, and manufacturer choice. I'll explain why I recommend high-quality brands like Yuasa and Antigravity can produce the best motorcycle battery, and caution people against buying from shady Amazon and eBay sellers that prioritize profits over quality.

Overall, this video is a comprehensive guide to maximizing your motorcycle battery's lifespan.

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