10 Minutes OF EPIC, CRAZY, AWESOME and UNEXPECTED Motorcycle Moments – Ep. 422

Some bikers only after some time understand how important road safety is. Wear the right motorcycle gear and enjoy the ride! In today's episode, another struggle of motorcyclists and many interesting and crazy motorcycle moments.

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Remember - it's always worth learning from other bikers' mistakes.
I'm adding my narrative to this episode to clarify the context.

Test Ride Ducati Monster Close call - https://www.youtube.com/@RidingWithDemic
Bad driver - https://www.youtube.com/@littleredridingsquid7946
Too fast for the turn - https://www.youtube.com/@ALFAVITAGA
Fell over after car stops abruptly - https://www.youtube.com/@chaosrider9647
Suzuki Gsxr 600 Crash - https://www.youtube.com/@obmmoto6796
Neal has a close call with a truck on Ortega Highway - https://www.youtube.com/@sandyshelton5
This here is every motorcyclist worst fear - https://www.youtube.com/@LatestProductions
Rain and what ever the trucks spilled is not a good combination almost lost it - https://www.youtube.com/@will_r1_ms348
Road rage - https://www.youtube.com/@WeRide2
Hayabusa rider fails - https://www.instagram.com/brybusa/
Crazy moto moment - https://www.instagram.com/thatr6dude06/
Crazy biker moment - https://www.youtube.com/@alexsurry
Group ride and scary motorcycle moment - https://www.youtube.com/@user-nz5ve8sl5d
Bad pickup driver - https://www.youtube.com/@elricfate

Ride safe!

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