Why I traded in my Indian Motorcycle (2017 Roadmaster)

I love the brand, bikes and history but I could not go forward with what I was going through. I own several bikes and i've owned many motorcycles prior to my Indians that met the same conditions or worse and never showed that type of accelerated corrosion/wear; especially with regards to the finish.

I had already gone through two sets of fenders before the bike ever saw any salted roads and was only being ridden in rainstorms in spring/rummer/fall of 2017. This bike was rinsed/washed after each ride in any weather, cleaned, polished and waxed in detail and stored indoors.

I basically gave Indian two years and two models to prove to me it could handle my riding style and conditions. I rinse my bike religiously after any bad weather or dirt/grime/salt gets on it but It sadly did not work out. Good luck to everyone with an Indian, I still love the brand but had to change for my own good. I ride several times a day, 95% of the year, and the finish was not holding up. I was stranded once again when I traded. This bike stranded me out of state, my biggest fear on a bike other than an accident is to be stranded somewhere unfamiliar and far from home.

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