Top 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips: Motorcycle Riding Tips That Will Keep You Alive

These 5 simple, easy, and obvious motorcycle safety tips can greatly reduce your chances of getting into a motorcycle accident. These safety tips for riding a motorcycle aren't earth shattering or terribly original, but they are based on motorcycle safety research and include easy and obvious ways to be safer on a bike.

Virginia Tech Motorcycle Safety Study:
10 Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them:

Did you know that 30 percent of motorcycle fatalities involve riding while intoxicated? Want to reduce your accident chances by 30 percent? Don't drink and ride! 70 percent of crashes involved rider error, most commonly excessive speed. Want to drastically lower your chances of being in an accident? Don't ride like a moron. Intersections are the most common site of motorcycle accidents. Want to decrease your chances of getting in one? Avoid intersections and traffic as much as possible. Want to drastically increase your chances of surviving an accident? Wear your gear and ride defensively to hopefully avoid getting into an accident in the first place! These motorcycle safety tips seem obvious, but many don't follow them and end up getting hurt.

Most riders quickly tire of being repeatedly told how dangerous motorcycling can be. Keeping these 5 simple tips in mind will help you greatly reduce those chances and provide you a reasonable response to those well-meaning but condescending friends and acquaintances.

Keep these motorcycling strategies to keep you alive in mind always when riding your bike.

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