The Best Motorcycle Safety Gear – How to choose the right model?

Top 4 Motorcycle Safety Protective Gear options.

Hello riders, as you know very well riding a motorcycle is a dangerous hobby. Nothing is more important than our lives. To ride the bike without a proper gear is like to play gamble with your luck. Soon or later you will find out that you are just a human and need protection. In this video I am going to talk about the most popular safety gear and will try to point you the pros and cons on each one of the models.
I am not going to talk about the helmets because we all know how important they are.

Motorcycle chest protector.
It is usually used from motocross or dual sport rides. The main reason to choose this type of protection instead of full body armour is to prevent serious body injures in the case you hit the handle bar, another part of the bike or stones flying direct to your body.

Motorcycle full body armour.
This gear provide maybe the best protection for the upper part of the body. As you can learn from the name full body armour, it provides very good protection on the spine and elbows as well. It has also a chest protection and wide kidneys belt and when you tight it the gear cannot move and always stay on the places you expects them to be.

Motorcycle gear with integrated protections.
Which is actually mean that in your jacket and pants will have some kind of protectors like these. They will stay on the shoulders, elbows, knees and of course one big, like this on the back protecting your spine. This is maybe the most convenient option to use from all. The reason is because it is already integrated in your gear. You don’t need to carry additional stuff, which is really annoying especially on a long trip.

Motorcycle Airbag system.
I tested last week in Zurich and I really believe that from safety point of view this is the best option at the moment. There are two options, airbag vest and jacket. The only con I found in those two is the price. It starts from 750 euro.
What exactly to take on your trips will be your decision, but keep in mind that the best protection of any accident is hidden deep inside of your head. You are the person who twist the throttle and press the brakes.

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