Take the Motorcycle Safety Course on a Harley!

Sup guys! I am beginning my motovloggin' journey and bringing you along for the ride! I'm starting with the Motorcycle Safety Course (MSF) from Harley Davidson. Why learn on anything else when you can learn on a Harley?

Take the MSF through the Harley Davidson Riding Academy!

The Bikes:
We: took our course on 2017 Harley Davidson Street 500's. Liquid cooled, 500cc engines, no ABS.

The Course:
In Tennessee (and almost everywhere else in the United States), taking the MSF exempts you from having to take the motorcycle license road test and knowledge exam at the DMV. You also get a nice motorcycle insurance discount by law!

~ Ride Safe, Ride On!

Indian Chief Dark Horse, ABS, Black
Kawasaki Vulcan S, ABS, Candy Green

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My Cameras:
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