Passing The Motorcycle Written Exam

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Passing The Motorcycle Written Exam:

This is a informative video about how to Pass the Motorcycle Written Exam. It also part 2 of 4 in a mini series on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course.

Basic Motorcycle Riding Booklet


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In this video, I go over key points in the book, to help you guys be better equipped to pass the written motorcycle exam.

Now, I know there are some states that don't require people to take the Motorcycle Course. However, every year motorcycle laws are being changed and updated. So, this video on how to pass the Motorcycle Basic Riders Course (Passing the Motorcycle Driven Written Exam) may come in handy to many on you. Please enjoy and thank you for watching.

Safety comes first you guys. So if you are looking for gear at a reasonable price. Check the links below.

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