Motorcycle safety PSA for all riders

I'm sick of dealing with moron riders here in my home city that think they're Valentino Rossi reincarnated. I get more saddle time per week than most of you weekend warrior forum jockeys get in a year. Over 600kms per week through traffic (not highway).) I've been on motorcycles for almost 30 years. I hear the same stuff from you guys "Just ride on and focus on your own ride". I passed through that phase of my riding career many years ago! AdjrianNickelodeon is next level! Try holding yourselves to a higher standard instead of having a cry every 2 seconds about ME trying to make the road safer for YOU!!

Disclaimer: This video is directed at the small few vocal members on riding groups here is Sydney. You want to make threats and talk crap, You know my daily route, come and see me and do it in person!

To everyone else that 'gets' what I'm doing here.. I don't expect you to do this stuff. It is dangerous for inexperienced riders. I've been doing this for a long tome and I have 100% 360 degree awareness at all times when on the road. You can attempt to replicate what I do however Unfortunately you wont have the same passion as I do until someone you've known like a brother is killed by a distracted driver or until you hold a young rider in your arms as he dies right in front of you!

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