Motorcycle Safety – it’s a mind game

This week on MCrider we look at our mental focus and motorcycle safety. Can you multitask and ride? How does the brain focus on multiple tasks at once? This week on MCrider we talk about it.

From today's video here is James' description of his red light incident.

"This is what happens when you are not focused enough on what you're doing. I share it to bring focus to that. Not sure where my head was. I do know it was not where it needed to be. I have a feeling I fixated on the police car that pulls up from the right and when the left arrow comes on all I saw was a light turn green. So I proceed to run the stop light. I did not realize I was even doing it till after I made it all the way through. After waving at the cop and then wondering why the white car making it's left turn almost hit me. You will hear when I realize what I had done. I was angry at my self that I let it happen. Language not safe for work were said.🤬

I am thankful it was not worse. It so could have been. If it had my wife and son would have watched it all happen. They were right behind me since we had just left the school parking lot were they practice riding.

Trust me. I'm kicking myself. Yall are more than welcome to let me have it.

So yeah. Keep your heads on straight and stay focused when riding.


You can see James' video from the practice range here:


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