Motorcycle Safety Instructor Profile – Bob Vandekamp

With a touch of humour, Bob Vandekamp (Mr. Relaxed) shares his reason for becoming, and continuing to be, a Motorcycle Safety Instructor with the Council. Spoiler Alert: It's about the community.

The Saskatchewan Safety Council has been delivering motorcycle-related programming in the province since 1974. Although always focused on safe riding, programs have evolved to meet the demands of the riding community.

Operating a motorcycle, scooter or three-wheeled motorcycle requires a unique set of skills separate from other vehicles. Not only is the physical operation and handling unique, there are also important differences in the way you need to pay attention to surrounding traffic.

We highly recommend that anyone wanting to obtain their motorcycle license carefully read about SGI's Motorcycle Graduated License Program. The written motorcycle learner exams can be taken before or after the basic motorcycle safety training.

Our 20-hour Basic Rider Training blended learning program combines online learning and on-bike/hands-on practical training to assist new riders in developing the techniques and skills necessary for the safe operation of a motorcycle, scooter or three-wheeled motorcycle. Each session is led by a team of highly skilled and passionate SGI-certified instructors who address topics such as how to deal with the hazards and risks motorcyclists face in traffic.

Basic Rider Training is taught on our bikes to reduce the risk of damage to yours. This provides participants with some variety, and completely new riders with the opportunity to discover if riding is in fact right for them, before they invest in a motorcycle.

Riders who prove to be "not-quite-ready" for the road are provided opportunities to attend future sessions to re-attempt the Motorcycle Operators Skill Test (MOST).

Our 8-hour Experienced Rider Training program is a motorcycle rider improvement course for active riders wanting to advance their ability to skillfully handle and maneuver their bikes. Knowledgeable instructors work closely with participants on their own motorcycles to ensure development at their targeted pace and comfort level.

Please consider obtaining your safety training and/or consulting services through the Saskatchewan Safety Council. The revenues generated by the Council through the delivery of fee-for-service training programs are re-invested within the province of Saskatchewan to further promote injury prevention.

Play a role in the creation of a province of safety excellence. Donate Today at - Charitable Registration Number: 11914-0382-RR

Learn more about the Saskatchewan Safety Council at

Free training and content is made available thanks to contributions from our Donors, Members and Sponsors that believe in our shared goal of creating a province of safety excellence. Individual and Corporate membership is available.

00:00 - Introduction
00:21 - How did you first get involved?
00:59 - What do you get out of it?
01:59 - What stories stand out to you?
02:35 - What one word best describes your instructing style?
03:51 - What's the best bike you ever had?
04:33 - Why become an instructor?
04:57 - About the Saskatchewan Safety Council

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