Motorcycle Live 2019 | The New Bikes of 2020

Motorcycle Live 2019 | The New Bikes of 2020

Join me as we do a tour of Motorcycle Live 2019 from the NEC. These are some of the bikes that we'll be seeing at the dealers in 2020 and some old classics. Filmed at Motorcycle Live 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham.

Ducati, KTM, Triumph, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha and Harley Davidson 2020 models.

No talking, just bikes! Although if you don't like the music feel free to mute it.

While I tried to film as much as possible I simply couldn't get around to everything at the show in the limited time I was there.

Ducati - 0:18
KTM - 03:33
Kawasaki - 06:10
Honda - 07:19
Triumph - 09:11
BMW - 10:18
Suzuki - 11:03
Team Classic Suzuki - 11:51
Yamaha - 12:56
Harley-Davidson - 13:56

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