Afraid of dropping your motorcycle? Watch this!!

In this video, you’ll see why riders are dropping their bikes and exactly how to avoid it. For more information on my advanced Ride Like a Pro classes, locations, dvds, digital downloads, thumb-drive, and Book, For the absolute BEST crash bar protectors in the market, or call Jay Read More

The 3 BIGGEST Slow Speed Motorcycle Riding Mistakes

If you are having trouble controlling your motorcycle at slow speeds you are likely guilty of one or maybe all of these three common rider errors at slow speed. Do you like MCrider and want to get more training, get involved, and help MCrider grow? ***BECOME A MEMBER*** GET INSTANT Read More

Motorcycle Safety Instructor Profile – Al Gall

Al Gall has been everywhere, man. Al has been instructing air traffic control trainees in the military since 1990. Al’s resume took him around the world with air traffic controller roles. From driving trucks in specialized convoys in Afghanistan to setting up airfields in far-flung places, Al now calls Moose Read More

The Bad Side – Left or Right Turns for Motorccyles

There are technical points concerning a rider’s fear of making either right or left hand turns. Many riders have this fear and it’s frustrating. Scores of riders have complained to me about this with a sheepish sort of approach and “admitted” they were perplexed by it. Rightfully so, roughly 50% Read More

Ride Report: Taking the High Road to Taos from Santa Fe

On our recent vacation to Santa Fe, NM my girlfriend and I were lucky to be able to rent a Harley Davidson Road King for three days with which to explore the beautiful desert landscape of northern central New Mexico. Prior to arriving in Santa Fe I hit the web Read More

Motorcycle Book Reviews

Book Review: She’s a Bad Motorcycle She’s a Bad Motorcycle is an anthology of diverse writers’ thoughts about motorcycle culture and riding compiled and edited by Geno Zanetti. Composed of writing by greats like Tom Wolfe, Che Guevara and Hunter S. Thompson, the book taken as a collection is pretty Read More

First Time on a Hog

As I posted earlier, my girlfriend and I planned a recent vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico around renting a Harley Davidson Road King from Chicks Harley in Albuquerque, NM. Well, we just got back from vacation yesterday and I have to report that riding the Road King for 3 Read More

Three Degrees of Separation Between You and the Ground

Your riding strategy, physical skills, and protective gear—in that order—are what separate you from the ground on a motorcycle. The three degrees of separation are as follows. Each of the three degrees can save you on its own. When combined, they form a nearly impenetrable barrier against the hazards that Read More