How To Find Budget Friendly Motorcycle Gear

I absolutely love riding, as you all know. Heck, I started a blog about it. But what I really struggle with is finding motorcycle gear that not only fits right, is stylish, and is also in my budget. Let’s be real, I struggle with this when shopping for regular clothes too. The issue is that the amount of women-specific gear out there is way less than 12 percent of the market. And of the women’s gear that does exist, half of it is laughably stereotypical.


Don’t get me wrong, pink is my favorite color. But I don’t WEAR pink. I’m a redhead, there’s like a law or something. I’m more of black leather and red lipstick kind of girl.


I try to find the best looking and safest gear I can. Like most women, I sometimes find myself wanting to look good more than I want to be safe! I know that’s not the best choice, so I try to keep myself in check and make the safest choice. Now that the Spring riding season is upon us, I wanted to talk a little bit about it and share my go-to resources for finding great motorcycle gear.


Picking Good Gear

1. It Has To Fit

Not only is it uncomfortable in the wind, but loose-fitting clothing is also dangerous if you wind up sliding across the pavement. It’s also distracting if you’re a new rider. Protective armor will not stay in place in a loose-fitting jacket, it grabs the ground, and you keep moving causing injury. The force of a collision can burst the seams and then you’re not protected at all. It also has to be comfortable when you’re riding.

2. It Has To Be Functional

I look for abrasion resistance, fabric strength, and I also make sure it’s waterproof and well ventilated. Because I want to carry as few pieces as possible, it’s important to have as much function as possible. I like a lot of pockets.


The initial price tag for good quality motorcycle gear can be steep, but if you purchase quality pieces and care for your gear, they can last for many years and miles of travel. See below for my budget-friendly options. You should look for carefully constructed seams, as well as durability.

4. It Has to Be Stylish

I want my gear to be feminine and flattering whether I’m riding or stopped for lunch. I look for feminine cuts and flattering lines.



You need a helmet even if you live in a state, like mine, without helmet laws. A safe helmet is key in motorcycle safety, and you’re going to be glad you’ve got one should you ever be in a crash. It should also be DOT certified. There are many styles and it basically comes down to preference. I wear a half helmet.


A good jacket is a must. You may see riders in t-shirts during the summer, or bundled in winter coats when it’s cold outside. Both of these are a bad idea. A motorcycle jacket that fits you properly will keep you safe while you’re riding. It will also keep you comfortable, no matter what the weather. For summer riding, I wear a mesh jacket that still has armor protection. For cooler weather, a good leather jacket is awesome. You want to be sure it is good quality with armor protection, and not “mall leather”.

Riding Pants or Chaps

You need a good pair of kevlar jeans or leather chaps. I wear chaps because I like the extra protection from bugs, rocks and other projectiles on the road. Ever have a rock hit your knee at 60 miles/hr and you’ll thank me.


You need a good tough pair of leather motorcycle gloves. These are not only important for safety, but also for comfort. When it comes to safety, gloves will help to prevent your hands from sustaining damage in an accident. They will also help you keep a firm grip on the handlebars, and keep your hands from getting wind-chapped and sunburned.


Your boots should have good ankle support and a low heel. Good motorcycle boots help your feet to stay locked onto the foot pedals while you’re riding, but allow for release during a sudden stop, like an accident. They also help to keep the skin of your feet safe in a crash, help to stabilize your ankles and prevent breaks and sprains.

Buying On A Budget

When I first got into motorcycling, I was so excited to go buy new gear. That is until I went to the dealership and saw the 500 dollar price tag on a riding jacket. I was pretty bummed because there was no way that was in my budget.


So, like the thrifty, savvy shopper that I am, I found some really good sites that sell quality riding gear at a fraction of the cost. These are my go-to shops when I want new gear.


Finding good quality, stylish motorcycle gear is a must, and a low budget shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the ride and being safe. There’s no one brand that will have it all. You will basically have to shop around. But this will get you going in the right direction. In the meantime, have fun and see you down the road!

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