Crazy Close Call Caught on Camera – Motorcycle Moments Ep. 420

On the road, it's best to expect the unexpected. In this episode, many moments where bikers were put to the test.

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I'm adding my narrative to this episode to clarify the context.
Remember - it's always worth learning from other bikers' mistakes.

Almost hit by road debris -
Near miss on motorcycle -
Crazy biker moment -
Yamaha R1 and BMW not paying attention -
Bad driver -
bike goes down in corner -
Scary motorcycle moment -
Daily moto observations -
Hard to be a biker -
Biker's mistake -
Crazy people of Cape Town -
This woman hit my bike whilst stationary on a roundabout -
Incident on Bayswater Road -
lady falling off her motorcycle -
The motorcyclist was traveling Eastbound on Santa Monica Blvd -
Motorcycle Close Call -
Ok Ok I fell off. -
This was WAY too close, Caught on Camera -
Supermoto Stoppie Flip Fail -
Always expect the cars to pull out -
Close call -
ZX6R People walk onto road -

I always encourage you to drive safely and prudently. I am adding my comment to clarify the context a bit.

Hope you find this episode valuable and educational. It's amazing to learn from the mistakes of other motorcyclists.

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